Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors

The scientific quarterly journal of “Journal of Industrial Strategic Management” is a publication of Islamic Azad University Firoozkooh branch that has been approved to be published for issuing scientific management related articles. It will accept original papers, in field of "Operations Management, Business Strategy, Optimization, Organizations and Decision Analysis" in Iran and other researches. The following guides will help the authors to standardize their papers:

In order to submit your contribution, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following instructions. Your paper must comply with the following format:

1) Title
2) Name and address of author(s)
3) Abstract
4) Keywords
5) Introduction
6) The main work done by author(s)
7) Conclusions
8) Acknowledgment (if needed)
9) References

10) The copyright form must be filled in by Authors.

also manuscripts will be reviewed by plagiarism software

Papers must be set in a two-column format. The authors are recommended to use Times New Roman font: size 10 for the abstract and keywords and size 11 for the main text. Figures and tables are requested to appear in different pages. Otherwise it is required that the figures or tables come at the top or the bottom of the same page. Tables and figures must be numbered in above and bottom respectively. References must be listed in APA format:

a) Reference to a book:
Montgomery, D. C. (1991). Design and Analysis of Experiments (3rd ed.). New York: John Wiley & Sons.

b) Reference to an article:
Fredendall, L. D., & Lea, B. R. (1997). Improving the product mix heuristic in the theory of constraints. International Journal of Production Research, 35(6), 535-544.

c) Reference to a paper in conference proceedings:
Choudhary, V., Tomak, K. & Chaturvedi, A. (1998). The Effect of Network Externalities on Software Pricing. Proceedings of the 31st Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. (pp. 251-260). New York: IEEE press.

  • Only papers which have never been published in other journals and benefit from significant contributions will be considered.
  • The paper should not be under consideration of any other journal.
  • The authors may submit the paper files through the option of "Submit Manuscript" in the site of Journal of Industrial Strategic Management
  • For the best guide, you can download the article template
  • fee: according to agenda of editorial board, the cost of reviewing is 120000 toman per paper, and 250000 toman for publishing. ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0105584933000 MELLI BANK, ACCOUNT NAME: ISLAMIC AZAD UNIVERSITY FIROOZKOOH BRANCH