Evaluating and prioritizing new methods of marketing health products in the elderly community (Case study of AJA retirees)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Management, Shahrood branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahrood , Iran

2 Department of Mathematical, West Branch of Tehran , Islamic Azad University ,Tehran , Iran


The increase in the elderly population in the country and the basic need for health products is an issue that is less considered by humanities experts and more in the field of medical sciences. Perhaps because for us, treatment has always been prior to prevention; Not prevention to cure! The purpose of this study is to introduce new methods of marketing health products for the elderly in order to increase the desire to consume health products among this group and reduce their per capita medical costs. Research Methods; Survey and step by step and data collection tools; Interviews and questionnaires are open and closed. The research study community is Army retried (AJA) with more than 260,000 elderly retirees. Direct staffs of various departments (all of whom are senior officers) were identified as research experts and the required information was collected during 5 stages of interviews and questionnaires from experts. Finally, 10 marketing methods for health products related to the elderly community through The Weighted Aggregates Sum Product Assessment (WASPAS) model in Excel software are prioritized and presented as a model for performance. Vertical marketing with 0.825, Word of mouth marketing with 0.787, Information marketing with 0.783, behavioral marketing with 0.770, Newspaper marketing with 0.647, One to one marketing with 0.584, Scientific marketing with 0.566, Catalog Marketing with 0.546, Traditional marketing with 0.533 and finally Analytical marketing with 0.416 Index with λ = 0.5; are the most effective methods of marketing health products in the elderly community of the country.