Provide a model for manpower scheduling using a hybrid meta-innovative algorithm in the Water and Sewerage Company

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1 Department of Industrial Management, Islamic Azad University, Firoozkooh Branch, Firoozkooh, Iran.

2 department of industrial management,firoozkooh branch,islamic azad university.firoozkooh.iran


One of the biggest challenges of projects is the limitation in human resources and, more clearly, the limitation in the number of skilled workers. Proper allocation of workers can increase the quality of production. Production workers, as the largest producer of the production leap, play a key role in improving the country's production system. Therefore, their proper timing is very important. In this research, by developing the concept of fatigue caused by the same work into two types of positive and negative fatigue caused by doing similar work and not just the same, a new and flexible model is presented that uses it Tasks can be scheduled so that similar tasks are assigned to each operator in the smallest programmable period and dissimilar tasks in the largest programmable period, so that the total allocation cost (including the total cost of doing the work and the total cost of fatigue). Because the proposed workflow scheduling model is formulated as a multi-period BoH allocation model and formulated as a nonlinear integer model, it falls into the category of compositional optimization. To overcome its algorithmic complexity, the Simulated Anealing algorithm is developed.