Weighing and Prioritizing Branding Components of Tourism Objectives by Combining Meta synthesis Approach and Logistic Fuzzy Programming Preferences

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The destination of tourism is a major element in tourism marketing. Branding tourism destination is a process by which a tourism destination develops its focal features, develops and delivers its main audience, can build a reputation, establish its reputation, strengthen slowly or even change, which is important for tourism purposes. Brand recognition is very important for communicating successfully between tourists and the destinations they are visiting.
In this research, we tried to use a systematic review of internal and external databases for compilation of articles. Of the 366 papers found, 40 papers were finally included. Finally, after extracting the components related to branding objectives, these components were weighed and prioritized by the experts and with the logarithmic fuzzy preferences programming approach (LFPP). The output of the research is that brand personality and image, brand commitment and trust, market communication and audit, and destination components are more important and have been prioritized for branding tourism destinations.