A Systems Dynamics Model for Project Management systems of Project-Based Organization

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1 دانشکده مهندسی صنایع - دانشگاه جامع امام حسین(ع)

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It is obvious that the success of a project-based organization is dependent on its projects. A variety of tools such as the project excellence model, project management maturity models, the earned value method, have been developed in this regard, but there are still delays in projects because the projects have dynamic nature with non-linear relationships and feedback processes during the project life cycle. In this paper, we study the factors affecting the project management system in a project-based organization through system dynamics methodology and investigate the causal relations between them as well as the average cost and time variation of organizational projects during the time period. According to the analyses, the increase in each of the project quality or human resource efficiency is insufficient by raising the level of project management maturity or leadership maturity, but their concurrent increase and created synergy have a significant impact on the cost and time variation control. Furthermore, this research is contrary to the public perceptions under which the progress of projects depends on their funding. It is probably due to the maturity level of project management and the maturity of its leadership who takes measures for better management of costs and delays