The application of TRIZ to solve the GSC problems in Sobhanoncology pharmaceutical firm.

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1 Industrial management, The Islamic Azad University science and research branch

2 department of management, science & technology, Tehran, Iran


The purpose of this paper is to apply TRIZ for solving the GSC problems in Sobhanoncology pharmaceutical firm. A review of the past papers of TRIZ based methods to GSC problem resolution is presented. The TRIZ contradiction matrix tool which was applied to the specific problem brings many benefits e.g.: being rapid acceleration in solving the problem. Moreover provides repeatability, reliability and also cut costs and times due to its structure. The situation is based on a manufacturing process problem. To recognize, understand, analyze, and solve the problem, the author identifies six steps which are applying Fish bone diagram, illustrating non-existence of optimization, showing the contradiction by classical TRIZ system of contradiction model, Linking the Contradiction, decision and evaluation space, and applying TRIZ contradiction matrix to solve the problem. According to the result of distributive questionnaire the problem is related to ineffective pressing process of one of tablets which is named Flutamid. According to the problem which is technical and has technical contradiction, TRIZ contradiction matrix is chosen. according to comparison of profit and loss, following the principle 35, by changing physical state in process condition could be made to resolve problem. Instead of granule powder, the liquid one can be applied which will be formed in low temperature to solid one. As a result, no wasting time could be happened. To this end, although TRIZ contradiction matrix provides 39 general parameters to solve technical contradiction (Karimi, 2007), none offers a specific framework which includes details for each parameters.


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