Identification and Prioritization of Resilience Supply Chain Components in the Isfahan Brick Industry using Theme Analysis and AHP-QUALIFLEX

Document Type: Original Article


Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Dehaghan Branch, Islamic Azad University , Dehaghan, Iran


In today's turbulent and uncertain environment, every company is subject to supply chain disruption. Supply chain disruption can have severe negative consequences on supply chain performance. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify and prioritize components of resilience supply chain in Isfahan brick industry. The present study was applied and mixed. Purposeful sampling method was used to identify 10 experts familiar with the study. In the qualitative section, thematic analysis was used for coding and identifying factors. Prioritization of factors in a small portion of the AHP was performed using suppression software. The results showed that the effective factors included 6 general themes of agility, safety and environmental issues, flexibility, crisis preparedness, risk management culture and process and operational issues. That agility component comes first and safety and environmental and social issues come first. Then three car brick manufacturing companies were evaluated with the proposed model and ranked by QUALIFLEX technique. Using research results, managers can measure, compare and improve the level of resilience of their supply chains.