Investigating the Relationship between Personnel Knowledge Management Maturity and Instructional Services’ Quality of Islamic Azad University of Kerman

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor,Department of Public Mangement,kerman branch, Islamic Azad university, kerman,Iran

2 PhD student,Department of Public Mangement,kerman branch, Islamic Azad university, kerman,Iran


The maturity of employee knowledge management is a systematic effort to develop, promote, and apply knowledge of organizations in order to achieve success and goals that can have a significant impact on the quality of services as well as the development of organizational innovation. The present study deals with the assessment of personnel’s knowledge management maturity and the instructional service quality in Islamic Azad University of Kerman. Questionnaire was used as a data collection instrument. Research population consisted of 300 personnel of Azad University of Kerman, and the sample size was 271. The structural equation model was used for the assessment of the relationship between personnel knowledge management maturity and instructional services quality. The results indicated that there was a positive relationship between instructional services quality and knowledge management maturity.